Car Ride: a poem

“Car Ride”

May 24, 2010

I feel the rift
And detachment from the past,
One way street
Of what does not last,

Pigeons suspended along
The power and telephone lines,
My eye catches a glimpse
Of the speed limit sign,

Rain speckles the windshield
And grey sets in over the city,
Pain surrounds the real
And all movement to disunity,

I feel the seat belt
Buckled at my waist,
I cannot voice what I felt
Because I could not see the driver’s face,
“Where are we going?”
Then, with my eyes in a fixed gaze
Looking out the backseat window,
He said,
“That is not for you to know,
Not now, not now…”

I believed him.

We reached the outskirts of town,
And the clustered buildings fade into the background,
A lonely highway, at the close of day,
With routine ease,
the sun went down.



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