In Those Awake: a Poem

Man, i wrote this poem about two years ago. So many are taught to seek their own advantage and waste their lives. Life is more than winning, more than be a self made success. The goals we set are selfish, and i spent most my life wasted pursuing my own sucess. Man, about 25,000 kids will die today from preventable causes and this doesnt even cross our minds in our ceaseless strivings to get our goals. really??

In those awake
A quiet desperation, stirring.
Interwoven and softly spoken,
In our shallow exasperations, swelling.

A guard, asleep on the graffitied city wall,
The night is still yet peaceful,
—The confidence before a fall.
The guard is still yet dreaming,
—ignoring duty’s call.

A child’s voice is heard down the alley way:
“What have we become?
what have…
what have we….”

The vision of the gifted is blurred.

Stone walls raised strong and high,
but iron gates, swinging.
The night is pierced with that rusty sigh,
Iron gates, ajared.
Together, fading.
Together we fade.



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