Peace Beyond Understanding: A Poem

this is a poem I wrote when i was watching some of my friends go through so crazy storms in life. When someone’s life ends suddenly, nothing makes sense. It is easy to make sense in times of calm seas, but when the storms come; sometimes we ask God, “Why are you sleeping? Don’t you care if we drown?” But in this, we don’t have to know, nor understand, just trust that God won’t abandon us:

What do we say?
When the unspeakable
Happens? And life is left in ruin?
We see and feel the rubble,
And we know what was,
Will never be again,
Will there be peace beyond understanding?
Because we will not understand.

If one day man would live again,
Then I can vaguely discern a plan.
If the grave and soil is not the end,
And we see those loved and lost
And hug and cry and love again,

And hear “I’m alright, everything is alright,
Do you see the flowers and green fields?
The grain and corn knee high,
And the sun suspended in mountain lined sky?”
In that moment
In that twinkling of an eye,
I will feel home, and see what I could not understand.



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