The World As Is: a poem

“Perhaps some day –say 1938, their centenary –they might be allowed to return together for a holiday, to see the mistakes of their own lives made clear in the light of mistakes of their successors; and perhaps then, for the first time since man began his education among the carnivores, they would find a world that sensitive and timid natures could regard without a shudder.”
From The Education of Henry Adams by Henry Adams. 1907.

“The World as is.”

April 10th, 2010

Sometimes, the future doesn’t look kind
For the timid and gentle souls,
The cycles of history
Seem unfitting for the flowers of the rolling fields,
With the eager birds and mice,
But the close knit forest
Might make you think twice,
The rushing mountain stream with salmon
Dodging the fierce grizzle bear,
Reminds us that beauty
Is not without danger,
Nor this life fair.

The harsh elements may beat down the weak,
Trample and exploit
Those who are meek,
Ignore and humiliate the virtue,
In those, who for others, ignore their own need,
But the Kingdom of God is a mustard seed,
And the King of kings became a broken reed,
This Lamb among wolves
Is a Lion, whose fierceness will be revealed,
In the coming of Zion, this fate is sealed,

So to those who do not understand:
The tears we cry,
The sudden bitterness we taste in good bye,

Know that loneliness cannot last,
And the unsettling feeling of memories past,
Will more than fade, because the brokenness will be restored,
When we step through heaven’s door.



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