Please Stay: A prayer

I want to celebrate your freedom

Like a child twirling in the sunshine

Before falling into the soft grass

Our lives are so fragile and You

See through us like window glass

But I want to see you

I can feel Your presence in every child in need

And in every lonely passerby

And in the sick

And those who ask why.

I heard You whispering kind

Words in the doctor’s office today

I wasn’t scared because I knew you were

There.  At times I feel this joy that I do

Not understand, things seem so wrong

But I don’t feel it, I feel like an old man

Walking through the city park on a Sunday afternoon,

Passing a couple sitting on the park bench

Passing by the youngsters playing baseball

And on my way to no place particular

The trail is easy and beautiful

How do I feel this way?

Please stay.




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