Ordinary Love: Jingle Week 23

 I wrote this because i’ve noticed a truth now forgotten.  Love is not defined by one evening, but a life time of affection. The stars are not special because one sees them once, no, they are spun in the night sky every night, even in the storms, one knows the stars are still there.

“Ordinary Love”

June 13th, 2010

Three Friends down the road, Swimming

At the lake in the hot heat, throwing

A football while in water waist deep, smelling

Smoke of charcoal and barbeque.

My day off with nothing to do!


Now alone with skin hot from sun, napping

In the late afternoon, dreaming

So sweetly of my love, coming

Home soon.


Her smile is what I am dreaming of

That smile…


She has that everyday love-you-crazy smile, filling

Every corner of your heart, stirring

Every metaphysical fiber of your soul,

with that ordinary, monday through sunday,

found once in a lifetime

kind of love,

that words fail to define.


The paradox, union of eternity and every day.

Timeless, but not enough time


Love that brings contentment in the routine, making

Dinner every evening, talking

of about her day and what at the store she has seen,  smiling

In a way I know she is staying,


I cannot help but smile

when she goes on her usual rattle, Complaining

of my muddy work boots still under the table, joking

about who wears the pants, listening

to all her crazy rants,  dancing

In the kitchen after two glasses of wine,

(I pull her in close and we kiss, and then she smiles and laughs, and says I need to take out the trash!)  

 So beautifully mundane, that it transcends to the divine.


Ordinary love is what I am dreaming of….


Dusk casts rays of orange red yellow, chasing

The cool wind into the window, Changing

Into our comfy soft pajama’s.

We brush our teeth, getting

Ready for bed, Praying

Silently, thanking

The God above, kissing

Gently, holding sweetly,

My brown-eyed love!




Well, I’ve been privelege enough to be nominated for this, and i’m accepting it, because I get to pass it on to one of the many poets who have inspired me.


I would like to nominate D.S. Lear.

Here is a link to his blog: http://soundoffreedom.wordpress.com/

Here is a link to jingle week 22 perfect poet nominations: http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/06/11/thursday-poets-rally-week-22-the-perfect-poet-award/


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