Reform? evil and starfish


Every hear someone say nothing changes? I mean evil, hurt, and pain are so prevalent in the world that any effort for change seems futile.

I heard a story, a parable of sorts, from a friend who heard it from someone else, so I am passing it along to you.


A man would wake up every morning to go walk along the beach, and every morning thousands of starfish would wash up onto shore. The man made it his habit to pick up starfish while he walked, and one by one, throw them back into the water.

Another man noticed this, and confronted the man with cynicism and disdain,

“Why do you do this? Do you see all these starfish for miles and miles?! You will never reach all of them, why does it even matter???”

The man looked at the stranger, reached down

 and picked up another starfish,

 and threw it back into the water, and with tear filed eyes replied,

“It matters to that one.”





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6 responses to “Reform? evil and starfish

  • Viola

    Amen to this very sweet and wise parable. This one should go right to everyone’s heart.

    • Joe Suzz

      when my friend shared it in class. she was tearing up and it cut me to the core, and I will never forget it, and it has helped me keep going in some tough times. so i felt the need to share it. thanks for reading, you are always a thoughtful commenter:]

  • Harshika

    OMG!! This just brought tears to my eyes 😦

    beautiful 🙂

    thank you for sharing it 🙂

  • ordinarygirl89

    i won’t deny i’m a daughter of cynicisms and skepticism, basically because it is very hard for me to believe there are people that still care about anything but themselves…
    i’m glad this made any kind of noise for me… maybe there is still hope!
    thank u for sharing this!

    • Joe Suzz

      I have my cynicism too, but if you trust in hope.then you start to see the beauty of this life. i spent over half an hour talking with this old man at church. He was in a wheel chair but we had alot in common, and he served in the Korean war and how that farm country was worth the fight. he talked about his great grand daughter, and he was alround a decent man. there was a beauty and a courage in this man who couldn’t walk!
      It is not up to us to end all the evil in this world and in ourselves. That is God’s job. It is up to us to be different and show kindness and love when and where we can. we can’t fix people. we can through LOVE show them a better way:]

      • ordinarygirl89

        I admire ur courage and ur faith. I am from Argentina, and had a very privileged life and education for the standards of this country (I got to be in grad school when people here barely finish primary school), and as I told u I was raised catholic, and really believed in the message of camaraderie and basically love that religion promotes. Up till last year or so I felt that as I was so blessed I had a like a duty to myself and my country to do what I could to change something, everything, to try and make things better, but how am I supposed to sleep at night knowing that no matter what I do nothing will ever be enough? And though in perspective I know that I am really young to be thinking this way, it’s hard to focus on love when you see that you are surrounded by selfishness and resentment. I don’t know… I guess I just have to get over myself and my existentialist phase… anyway, knowing that the myth of “people that care” is not much of a myth helps, in fact reading this helped me to reevaluate my decision to give up all together 🙂 (btw: sorry, once I start writing there is no stopping me lol)

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