Boardman Park: A poem

I had an impression once, of the dark

Starlit sky, alone together, again together,

Staring into the stars of your captivating brown eyes,

A mysterious dim twilight, and I swore to you

“Everything will be alright.”

-But impressions and memories fade


By the sight of the white caped sea

My heart is pulsated and driven

And washed beneath the movement of the blue

All that was has been forgiven


Do you remember? In the park, walking

Together and it was getting dark, holding

Your friendship in the palm of my right hand, sitting

Beside the gentle trail on the old wooden park bench.


Never before, never since;

I sensed a passivity

A willingness to believe in me.


I offered you a book only a few chapters long,

With more to be written. But time doesn’t heal

Only covers with dust.

I offered you myself,

A gift for your hearts shelf.




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