For a Friend, Insecurities

Why run from a half truth?

What does a fractured mirror show?

And hidden in your room,

Away from daylight,

Away from love,

A face finds a pillow,

A pillow soaked in tears,

Saying, “that’s not me,

It is not enough.”


Down the stairs

Through the screen door

Is a yard,

Is a fence,

Is a world.


What the mirror doesn’t show

What you fear is what you have to let go,

And the conversations in your head

about who you would rather be instead,

Are quieted to silence

As you pass down the street

And you look up to see kids on swings,

Then and there, a picture incomplete,

Because they have years to grow.

You look up to see a freckled face

And you see yourself for the first time.



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